BTS of the 7 LIONS video we rocked a few days ago in LA with REDONE

CRASH THE SKY filming in the spring in LA!!!

BLACK BETTY BROWN is up next…BBB is at a major studio for the feature film and at a top award winning veteran Television Producer’s company for consideration for episodic in whats being called CLEOPATRA JONES meets SONS OF ANARCHY meets THE HUNTED!!!

I wrote BBB in 97′ and I’ve lived a life surrounded by racism and jailhouses and real deal bad guys a lifetime before my first music video…the people that ‘know’ know and can’t wait for me to set Hollywood ablaze with realness. When a film is more famous for the gratuitous use of ‘The N Word’ and other ish like that it’s just plain sad.

WILL SMITH and JAMES LASSITER called me directly about BBB. BEYONCE, SANNA LATHAN, GABRIELLE UNION, TARAJI HENSON, NONA GAYE, VIVICA FOX and many other leading females over the last 15 years were interested in playing BETTY and after several options and many rewrites and variations BETTY is now thisclose to coming to life in a very big way!!!

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